After a loved one has passed away, closing or memorialising their social media and online accounts might not be your top priority. However, when the time comes this guide will assist you on the steps to take.

When accounts are closed the photographs and posts will all be deleted so please make sure you have spoken to the rest of the family and friends involved. This will give everyone time to save anything sentimental before you start the process.


Memorialise Account

An ideal place for friends and family to share memories of their loved one. This also keeps the account secure by preventing anyone from logging in.

You will need to visit the Facebook Memorialisation request page and provide the date they passed away, documentation of their death and your email address.

Remove Account

You will need to provide proof of authority and proof your loved one has passed away.

Submit one document to provide proof of authority:
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth certificate
  • Last will and testament
  • Estate letter
Submit one document to provide proof that your loved one has passed away:
  • Obituary
  • Memorial card

They can be uploaded here.


The death certificate will be required, as well as a copy of your ID. You can submit the request online, then twitter will email further instructions. You can request the deactivation of an account here.


As Instagram is owned by Facebook you will have the same options to either memorialise or close an account.

Memorialise Account

You can memorialise an Instagram account here. You will need to provide your details and proof of death.

Remove Account

You can request the removal of an account here. You will need proof of authority and proof of death.


To remove a LinkedIn account, you will need:

  • The member’s name
  • The URL to their LinkedIn profile
  • Your relationship to them
  • Member’s email address
  • The date they passed away
  • Link to obituary
  • The company they most recently worked at

The form can be found here.


To delete an account from Pinterest, you’ll need to email the company at with the URL to their profile, proof of their passing (a death certificate or link to an obituary will do), and proof of your relationship.


Google owns a host of different sites and services including YouTube and Gmail. You can access the online form here. You will need the account details, your own name and email address, your rough location, the date of death, proof of your ID and a copy of the death certificate.

Remember to back up anything from your loved one’s profiles before closing accounts. If you would prefer you can keep them as they are, many people find this comforting. Be aware though that some platforms have rules on how long users can be inactive and can remove accounts, so it is always safer to back up anything you would like to keep.